Features I’d love for our app to have

While these names won’t be here for-ever, the premise behind these features would be awesome to have. These are place holders, but a helpful illustrations of the comprehensive care our app provides to our moms.

everConnect: a matchmaking site for moms to connect with other moms based on similarities and complementary attributes.

everChat: an online support group where moms can log in and talk, vent, ask questions, and be as raw and real as they need to be, 24/7.

everGrow: a stage by stage explanation of the changes moms are experiencing during their pregnancies, featuring ways we can support them and ways they can support themselves. Per trimester, month, or phase.

everCare: our asynchronous coping skills feature, where moms are provided with step-by-step psychological techniques to help them in moments of distress. Employing techniques from CBT, DBT, the mindfulness space, etc.

everLine: way for moms to ping their providers to say they need help. Separate from the crisis line.

everAlert: Help line for 24/7 crisis alert (connecting with existing helpline from NAMI or other Org?)

everFull: Feeding support, as designed by lactation specialists, to help moms when they are up, stressed, trying to breastfeed at 3am. A soothing, supportive place where moms will be instructed via words, photos, and videos.

everActive: Activity pages for moms. They are fun, welcome distractions and ways to keep moms busy during those lonely times.

everBlog: Just what it sounds like!

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  1. Chris

    What kind of attributes would you like to use for matching women / mothers?

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