10 MUST-HAVE ITEMS For Your Postpartum Kit

10 MUST-HAVE ITEMS For Your Postpartum Kit

You’ve packed your hospital bag with care.

Cozy socks? Check!

Sour Apple Blow-Pops? For me, yes!

Disposable Undies? We’ll explain later.

But, new moms often forget to make a Postpartum Kit. Just like you have a changing table in your baby’s nursery, you need a kit that will help you during your postpartum days. Don’t know what you must have? We do!

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  1. XL Maxi Pads
  2. Ice Packs
  3. Witch Hazel Pads
  4. Pain Reliever (Tylenol is recommended)
  5. Perineal Spray
  6. Peri Rinse Bottle
  7. Lansinoh
  8. Dermoplast
  9. Colace
  10. and, last but certainly not least, ever


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