Sleep Training…

Sleep Training…

…is something I struggled with. As a new mom, as a seasoned mom, I couldn’t (can’t?) do it well.

I’ve read the books. I’ve looked at the research. My intellectual brain knows but my emotional brain feels.

The following post was originally published in August of 2010, exactly 11 years and one month ago.
When I wrote the small anecdote, thinking I was commemorating a moment in our online baby book, I thought I knew so much. I thought my baby was transitioning from my arms to her crib. That did not happen. Well, not then, at least.

Now, my daughter sleeps in her own room, in her own bed, and needs rousing each morning so that she’s up in time for middle school. Things change. They get better. I will share my true sleep training story with you, but first, this. Because this shows that as a new mom, there was so much I did not yet know or understand AND I still did it. I did the hard thing of getting my daughter to sleep without me (and vice versa).

All of this is to say, if you are worried about/struggling with/perseverating over sleep, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We have resources to share! People who can help! Nice people!

And, most importantly, this too shall pass. I mean it. I swear on my old, pink baby monitor.

I am having an anxiety attack, currently

…because our daughter is spending her first night
in her crib.
I am crying
and wish I could crawl in there with her
for one more kiss goodnight.
So tonight, instead of having the most perfect, pink little hands to hold in my sleep,
I have a cold, (also pink) baby monitor to cuddle up to.
‘Tis going to be a long night, folks.
Wish me luck!


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