Anxiety Grounding Technique 5-4-3-2-1

Anxiety Grounding Technique 5-4-3-2-1

Are you feeling stressed? Panicky, even? Are things moving too quickly around you? Creeping by unsettlingly?

We’ve got you!

Here is an easy-to-do, easy-to-remember grounding technique that works to calm your CNS and bring you back to a more peaceful place.

Think 5-4-3-2-1.

5 things you can see.

4 things you can touch.

3 things you can hear.

2 things you can smell.

1 thing you can taste.

Use this technique whenever, wherever.

Let’s walk through this together.

Okay, I’m feeling a bit on edge. Let me ground, myself. Won’t you join me?

In this moment…

Five things I can see are

Leaf Changing Color Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures
Modern White Plastic Chair With Wooden Legs Isolated On A White Background. Side View
Lemon In Bowl
Colorful Marker Pens Set Vector Realistic Illustration
Side View Of White Ceramic Teapot

Four things I can touch are

Cloth Rag With Stains On White Background.
Plastic Bag Under The White Background
White Table Front View Illustration. Isometric 3d Furniture Vector Illustration. Simple Minimalistic Design Of Plastic Interior Office Item. Kitchen Or Dining Room Classic Household Appliance Element.

Three things I can hear are

Black Grand Piano Isolated On White Background
School Bus Isolated On White Background
Modern Washing Machine On White Background. Laundry Day

Two things I can smell are

Twig Of Mint Leaves Isolated On White Background
Pink Soap Bubble Of Isolation

One thing I can taste is

Glass Of Cranberry Juice On A White Background

How did we do?

xx, B


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