Mindful Driving

Mindful Driving

Whether it is shuttling to the doctor, driving carpool, or trying to soothe a cranky baby, we, as moms, spend a lot of time in the car. And, since things about driving can prove stressful (traffic, directions, the aforementioned cranky baby, to name a few…), it is a great time to practice mindfulness.

Strange idea, right? Well, being present – focusing deeply on the things around us – is a great way to find calm amid chaos. Step by step, here is how to practice mindful driving:

  1. First and foremost, make sure that your safety is always top priority. This is to help you become more focused, not less. If trying to be mindful while driving proves distracting in any way, we have other mindfulness exercises better suited for you.
  2. Notice the way the things around you feel: the weight of the car, how taught the steering wheel is when you move, the texture of the road beneath you, the material of the interior under your body.
  3. Notice the way the world around you looks. The color of the leaves, the clouds on the horizon, the hues of the stoplight.
  4. Notice the sounds of the road. The whir of your engine, the sound of the tires meeting the pavement below, the air blowing your way.
  5. Focus on your breath.
  6. Repeat all of the steps above.
  7. Applaud yourself – pat yourself on the back – as you just endured a hard moment and took action to care for yourself. You’re strong, brave, and amazing!


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